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Наше агентство основано в 2012 году. Мы создали множество креативных продуктов в сфере веб-дизайна и айдентики. Мы предлагаем только эффективные и инновационные решения в области маркетинга для продвижения продукта. Все наши решения построены на детальном анализе и понимании вашего бизнеса, по этому они настолько эффективны. Мы создаём репутацию новым брендам и персонам, восстанавливаем запятнанную. Проводим мощные медийные компании совместно с блогерами, меняем общественное мнение с фабриками троллей...

SCRUM and Agile is not an empty phrase for us.


We develop landing pages, corporate and commercial websites, online stores, web interfaces.


The logo occupies a Central place in the corporate style of the company. We create only a unique identity.


We bring the product to the top. Using all the features: SEO, SMM, contextual advertising, background, media, bloggers.

Marketing is our everything

Total analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business. Analyzed: the market, target audience, business processes, competitors. We also analyze your business from the client's point of view. Segment the target audience for a specific strategy.

Creative strategies

On the basis of detailed analysis data, we form a development strategy. We choose methods and tools to achieve this goal. This can be SEO, contextual advertising, positive color bloggers, SMM, etc.


Based on the analysis data, we choose the SEO promotion strategy. Formation of an effective core. Placement of links in social media, thematic sites. Internal and external SEO optimization.

Bloggers and streamers

Creating a positive background in social networks with the help of bloggers and streamers. Selection of bloggers based on the task and the segment of the target audience. Communication and creation of creative scenarios of the advertising company.


Selection of a successful Manager to maintain an account. Black and white cheat, no ban. Output to the TOP publications. Cheat views and likes. Effective advertising campaign.


Selection of advertising company in search engines, media platforms, media and social networks. Creating unique content. Drawing banners and blocks.

The stages of project development

Step 1 Planning

Planning and strategy are very important, at this stage we decide how to build the work.


Step 2 Development

At this stage, designers and programmers get down to business proving that they are the best.


Step 3 Product release

After the second stage, the product is ready for release and further promotion.

Where to start


You address us


We're making an appointment.


Coffee time in a cafe or office


The brief or questions a millio


You get the CO and the preliminary cost


We will note all your wishes and clarifications


Signing the contract and making an advance payment


We get to work and prove that we are the best!

Create a positive background

Good reputation of the brand, company, product, person nowadays is very expensive. Spoil the reputation can own mistakes, revenge subordinates, mistakes in strategy or the work of unscrupulous competitors. New brands, products and services are experiencing similar difficulties in promotion when entering the market.

We are correcting the situation. We develop a strategy to improve the company's background. We create promotion scenarios for bloggers and streamers. Write on texts input, comments, reviews for "factories trolls."  Negotiate, conclude contracts with the bloggers, streamers, a live broadcast, contentstate, and if the problem is specific, that formed his "Troll factory".

Then begin a massive attack on all fronts. About you and your company will hear, see and feel each of the target audience, thanks to the publications, reviews, comments, videos, advertising companies. Thus, we change public opinion, raise positions and improve confidence ratings.

Точно также мы можем вогнать в краску ваших конкурентов, сделать так что отмыться им не получится. "Но это уже совсем другая история" - Леонид Каневский 😉


Many of our sites are written from scratch. This is not just a unique design, but a full-fledged site developed without the use of banal CMS or trivial designers.

These sites are created on the basis of kernel CORE12IT. This is the core we have developed ourselves with the help of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

To ensure maximum simplicity and speed of the kernel, we have abandoned support for PHP and MySQL. Thanks to this, the sites are loaded with incredible speed, do not load the processor and work with excellent responsiveness.

Sites based on this core are absolutely unique in terms of search engines. They are ranked higher in search results, faster occupy a leading position, which can significantly reduce the cost of SEO-promotion.

Feedback on our work

For StartUp

Startup, small business, self-employed citizen - Turbo design especially for you

These solutions are characterized by an unnaturally low price, while maintaining all our inflated requirements for the final product.

"Turbo-design" allows the client to get a full, unique website or logo at a very modest price.

This direction is ideal for small companies, startups and self-employed citizens.


Vladimir Ryabov

Lead programmer

Artem Feodoridi

Главный дизайнер

Egor Litovskih


Alice Borovaya

SMM Менеджер

A little bit about our team

12 IT — digital Agency full cycle. Founded in 2012. We can do almost anything. Best of all we get logos, corporate identity, web design, advertising, development and promotion of sites.

  • Organized and assembled
  • Know his business
  • Know how to find different solutions
  • just good people

Сontinuing education


Our employees are regularly trained and certified, participate in seminars and intensives. We also hold educational events, participate in conferences, invite coaches, encourage self-education of employees, partially paying for their training. We have created a cozy and functional space for training everyone. We are waiting for guests for General lectures and individual digital Academy.


We actively participate in projects


We actively participate in various educational and innovative programs. In order to be one step ahead of the competition, to be in the trend of new trends. Implement the acquired knowledge in the company of our clients and develop your business.

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